Westchester Kids Crafts and Craft Fair - SUCCESS!

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Finally, relaxing for a few minutes between the craft fair this past weekend and the GRAND OPENING this Friday! Wow, I canNOT believe all that has happened since late April this year. 

First, the Kids Crafts - we had about 20+ kids visit our booth for wet tattoos and scratch off crafts. I was pleased by the turnout since there wasn't much marketing and surprised by the ages of some of our crafters (early teens) who really seemed to enjoy the craft.

It is always a thrill for me to encourage creativity - especially with all the other stuff that kids could get into now-a-days. 

Next, the Westchester Craft Fair - that also had a pretty good turnout considering how we quickly put this together. The weather channel was calling for a HOT day, but it really was pretty nice, with a breeze from the north. That was great for our crafters who didn't have tents.

Fourteen crafters showed up and most everyone made a sale. Considering this was a no entry fee event, any income was great. Lessons learned - mostly to have the Village arrange this idea a LOT sooner than May 5th! LOL

But, it worked out exactly as it was supposed to. I am very grateful for all the support - my mom, Bernie, my partner, Chuck and all the great crafters who participated. 

The upshot of this is that I've been getting calls, emails and IMs about participating in a lot of other venues, shows or programs. These are great opportunities and I'll have to consider each carefully or I'll never get to 'craftinate' (as Chuck calls it) 

This last two days have been spent in the studio doing... paperwork - ugh! The price of owning a business, I know. 

And, two days to grand opening - we'll be as ready as possible and just keep adding things every day with pics here and on facebook

Speaking of pics - check out the ones from the Fest with the kids and the crafters - so much fun! 

Live and Craft Joyfully,


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