Joyfully Crafting Studio - Westchester IL

Looking for a fun place to create, socialize, discover new skills, or learn a new craft? 

The Joyfully Crafting Studio is the place you want to be!

The Studio is the vision of Cherise Greski, Chief Joy Officer and multi-crafter who has been crafting and teaching crafts for over 40 years. She wanted to share her joy of crafting from applique to yarn arts, crochet, papercraft, painting, decoupage, quilling and more. 

With a substantial amount of tools, collected over a life time of crafting joy, finding a craft you'll want to try will be easy. 

There are four levels of membership, each with access to the studio for a varying number of sessions during the month. Also, because Cherise believes in ''sharing the wealth", every member has the opportunity for an additional HeART session where they can come in and do a craft for the charity of their choice, using tools available at the studio. 

Session details: 

All sessions are 90 minutes long 

There are four types of sessions:

  • Social Session - 90 minutes of hanging out with fellow crafters working on personal projects, socializing and use of the tools at the Studio.
  • Guided Session - Craft specific 90 minute session to come into the Studio for help on a project in a particular craft. Topics are listed on the schedule and many different sessions are offered during the month.
  • Class Session - Instructor led sessions with the goal of completing a specific craft project within the one (or two) sessions needed
  • HeART Session - 90 minutes to work on the craft of choice that will be donated to a charitable organization. A combination of social and charitable time. 

About the Studio:

The Studio is located at 10708 W 31st Street, Westchester IL - about 20 minutes west of Chicago. Currently, the Studio has two suites available, one that will seat 10 crafters, one that will seat 8. Large enough for crafters to spread out, intimate to have a good social time. 

In addition, to the crafting space, members will have the opportunity to offer their crafts for sale or orders in the adjoining retail space. 

Click here to find out more about the membership levels, benefits, tools and discounts available. 





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